Tips, Tricks and Techniques for getting into the
college or university of your choice
Getting into your college of choice can be a daunting task. More and more students are competing to get into  colleges and that has caused colleges and universities to become more selective in their admissions process. The objective of this page is to give the high school freshman student an introduction to ideas on preparations needed to get a head start to obtaining entrance into the college or university of their choice. Develop a plan that especially includes good grades and good scores on college entrance exams. Include in your plan an activity, a sport and demonstration of leadership qualities. Also consider the alternative, attending the local junior college. Do your best at the junior college to demonstrate that you are capable of doing the work and making good grades.
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What to Study
Where to Study
Getting in College
The Money
Useful Links

What do you want to study?
    Do you have a special interest that you want to pursue?
    Do you have a hobby that would be a good career choice?
    Is your career choice following a family tradition?
    Are you undecided on a course of study?

Where do you want to go to school?
    This could depend on the subject.
    This could depend on the environment (physical/social).
    This could depend on the convenience or money.
    Go visit the schools.  

What are the requirements to get into your choice of school(s)?
    How are your grades?
    What are your scores on the ACT or SAT?
    Do you have any special interests or skills?
    How is you community service record?

What is the cost of obtaining a degree?
    How much does college cost?
    How will my education be financed?
    Where is the money coming from?
     Consider off campus housing.  


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College Testing
   ACT - American College Testing
    SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

School Financial Aid Links
    College Board - Scholarship and Grants for good students
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