How Physics grades are calculated:
Academic Physics
Honors Physics
Exam Grades - 3 to 6
Lab Grades - 4 to 6
Daily Grades - 8 to 12
Semester Exam Grade
 20% of semester average
20% of semester average 

Please note for the semester exam:
    The score made on this exam  will appear on the report card.
    The automatic "50" for exams does not apply to the semester exam.

Always turn all work in on time. Late papers will receive a maximum grade of up to 50. Each zero  can drop the grading period's average by up to 3 points and drop the semester average up to a point.

If the student would like to exempt the semester exam in any of your classes each semester, an 80 average  must be maintained for the semester and a maximum of 2 excused absences are allowed. The student must also have a clean discipline record.
The grade that appears on the report card directly reflects the percentage of the work the student chose to complete. It is all about work ethic and effort that is put into the task at hand.