These are a few  links that students and/or parents may find useful. Always, scrutinize any information on the web carefully. There are a lot of great resource sites and a few sites that have questionable material.

    Amphibian Embryology Tutorial
    Deformed Frogs in Minnesota
    Exploratorium: Frogs
    Frogwatch USA
    Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group
    Herps of Texas
    Herptox Page
    Jurassic frogs
    National Zoo Frog Project
    Newts and Salamanders of Texas
    Ornate Horned Frogs
    Red Eyed Tree Frog
    South African Bullfrog
    Texas amphibians

    Arthropods Subject to Quarantine and Regulation in Texas
    Clemson University Arthropod Collection
    It's a Real Bugs Life
    Poisonous Arthropods
    Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
    Texas State Insect
    The "Ultimate Roach"
    Very Cool Bugs

    Astronomy Workshop
    Clear Dark Sky
    Great World Wide Star Count
    Houston Astronomical Society
    JPL Space Calendar
    Lunar Occultations
    McDonald Observatory  - Been there many times. GO!
    Messier Objects
    Sky and Telescope Magazine
    Space Weather
    Spaceship Voyager - The great space adventure
    World Wide Telescope

Astronomy Applets and Simulations
    Hydrogen Atom Simulator   
    The Scale of the Universe      

Astronomy News 
    The Planetary Society   

    Anthrax - CDC fact sheet  
    Anthrax - DoD website
    Anthrax: What You Need to Know   Thanks Ms. Galvin!
    Bacterial and Fungal Diseases [Non Mesh]
    Bacteria-Animal Symbiosis Site
    Bacteria Rule! - A National Geographic site
    Flesh-eating Bacteria
    Introduction to the Bacteria
    Microbe Zoo
    Procaryote (prokaryote) Cell
    Ulcers and Bacteria
    USGS - Bacteria/Contaminant  Interactions
    Virtual Museum of Bacteria

Ballooning - High Altitude 
     Asent Rate Calculator    
     Balloon Track  
     Balloon Trajectory Forcasts  
     On-Line Near Space Flight Track Prediction Utility  

    Bat Box
    Bat Conservation International
    Bat Fast Facts
    Bats Bats Everywhere
    Build a Simple Bat Detector  - Built it works great!
    Desert Bats
    Organization for Bat Conservation
    Vampire Bats

Biology - General
    BIODIDAC - A bank of digital resources for teaching biology
    Biological Index A-Z
    Biological Sciences Library
    Biology Hypertextbook Chapters - From MIT
    Biology: In the Spotlight
    Bio Interactive - Virtual Cardiology Lab
    Biotech's Graphic Gallery
    Natural Perspective
    Nature Serve - An online encyclopedia of life (living organisms)
    Online Biology Book Glossary
    Species 2000

    Carnivorous Plant Sites
    Division Bryophyta
    Internet Directory for Botany  -  WOW! A very comprehensive list!
    Leaf Types
    Poisonous Plants
    The American Fern Society
    Venus Flytrap

    Comparative Mamalian Brain Collections
    The Whole Brain Atlas
    This is your Brain on Ecstasy
    Virtual Hospital: The Human Brain: Dissections of the Real Brain

    Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna of the World - Biology of marine caves
    Amazing Caves - The IMAX movie
    Cave Life
    Cave Without a Name - A hidden Texas Jem
    National Caves Association - Contains directory of public caves in U. S.
    National Speleological Society
    Overview of Texas Caves & Karst
    Texas Speleological Association

    Cells Alive!
    Cell Nucleus
    Cell Biology Chapter Directory - From MIT
    Cell Biology Topics
    Cells: Orgins
    Cell Therapy
    Cellular Biology
    Dictionary of Cell Biology
    Procaryote (prokaryote) Cell
    Structure and Function of Organelles
    The WWW Virtual Library of Cell Biology

    National Center for Infectious Diseases Home Page  - The Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, GA
    Bacterial and Fungal Diseases [Non Mesh] - A great web page for info on bacterial and fungal diseases
    Wadsworth Center - New York State Department of Health - Good information on common diseases
    PAM Infections - a new, dangerous, but rare form of meningitis found in Texas lakes
    Parasitic Infections - Very good, very technical information, slow loading page

DNA/RNA and Protein Synthesis
    DNA from the Beginning
    DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis
    DNA Sciences - Genetics Transforming Healthcare
    DNA Workshop Activity
    How to extract DNA from anything Living - Neat Lab, we do this!
    Introduction to DNA Structure
    Protein Synthesis at Eurekascience
    Structure & Function of the DNA Molecule
    Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute
    Desert USA
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Forest Conservation Portal
    Greenpeace International
    Louisiana's Wetlands
    Macquarie Island - Australian Antartic Division
    Online Resources for Ecology
    Sahara Desert
    Story of Stuff - Good Stuff!
    Vanishing Wildlife of Texas
    Virtual Galapagos
    What's it Like Where You Live?

    Earth Observatory
    Kid of Speed - photographic essay of Chernobyl
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (NOAA)
    U.S. PIRG online  -  Environmental issues
    Worldometers: Environment - Shows how fast we are loosing it!

Fungi - General
    Aspergillosis - CDC fact sheet
    CDC - Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Deseases
    Doctor Fungus
    Fun Facts about Fungi
    Fungus Your Immune System Should Handle
    Introduction to the Fungi
    Mycology: The Study of Fungi - Thanks Carol A. for a great page!
    Zoospore Fungi

    Ancestry Info
    Cloning Genes
    Gene Clinics
    Genetically Modified Plants: Benefits and Risks
    Rare Genetic Diseases In Children - Contains an excellent index of genetic diseases
    The Human Gene Mutation Database
    The Natural History of Genes
    What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?
    Earthquake Hazards Program - USGS web page
    Sesmic Education Site
    VolcanoCams Around the WorldUSGS  web page

    American Heart Association
    American Medical Association
    Common Cold
    National Center for Infectious Diseases Home Page
    Endocrine Disorders
    Food and Drug Administration
    Health Care Orgainization
    Heart Center Online
    Kids Health
    Medical Reference Guide
    MyPyramid - The government's new food pyramind ... throw out the old one
    Nutrition and Physical Activity
    Shape Up America
    Texas Department of Health
    Texas Department of Health News Releases
    WebMD Calorie Counter
    World Health Organization (WHO)

Health Foods
    Chemical Cuisine: CSPI's Guide to Food Additives
    How to Improve Memory   -  Thanks Rachel Pharlian!
    Please pass the Tomatos!
    Please pass the Broccoli!

Human Anatomy
    American Association of Anatomists
    Anatomy and Histology of Normal Skin
    Axial Skeleton System
    Center for Human Simulation
    Gross Anatomy
    Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Resources  - Very Nice Resource ... Thanks Beth!
    Online Guide To The Human Body - Thanks Courtney Phillips
    Skull Anatomy Tutorial
    Skull Practical
    Structure of the Human Body
    Ultimate List of Anatomy and Physiology Resources  - Great List ... Thanks Suzy!

Human Genome Project Links
    Genetics Education Center
    Human Genome Project Information
    The National Human Genome Research Institute

Laboratory Activities
    Cow Eye Dissection
    Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

    Mammals Species of the World: a Smithsonian web page
    Tiger Town

    Science and Math Calculators - conversions/calculations for most anything
    Trigonometry Short Course
    Trigonometry Basics
    Vertex42 - Spreadsheet Templates for Microsoft® Excel®,, and Google Docs

Memory and Mnemonics

    EPA Microbiology Home Page
    Medical Microbiology
    Microbiology - Public Health from Northern Alberta
    Microbiology Study Guides/Outlines
    Microbiology Webbed Out

Mold - Stachybotrys chartarum - the black toxic mold -  NOTICE: SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES!
     An Insidious Mold  - an article
    Questions and Answers on Stachybotrys chartarum  and other molds
    Stachybotrys Mold

    Activity Calorie Calculator
    Body Mass Index Calculator
    Cholesterol and Triglycerides
    Diet and Nutrition Facts for Kids   - Many thanks to Noelle in Ms. Harrington's class!    
    Food Composition Online - a lab activity
    How to Improve Memory -  Thanks Rachel Pharlian!
    Nutrition Facts Analyzer    
       Kitchen Kids: Nutrition Resources and Information
   - Submitted by Ms. Alexander's third grade student Erin. Thanks!
    Reduce Triglycerides
    USDA Nutritive Value of Foods
    High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment - Planetary Images from UofA

Presentation Rubrics
    Final Presentation Rubric    
    Our Work in Progress - PPT Presentation Rubric  


    About the Primates
    Biology of Nonhuman Primates
    Primate Gallery

    Introduction to the Basal Eukaryotes
    Kingdom Protista
    Protist Kingdom
    PROTISTA (protists, single-celled organisms) - images
    Protozoa Images
    Protozoan Houses
    Society of Protozoologists
    The Harmful Algae Page

Physics Applets and Simulations
     Current Flow and Ohm's Law
     Torque - Lever Principle    
     Photoelectric Effect    
     Snell's Law Applet
     Wave On a String Simulation   

    Hadron Collider
    Physics and Astronomy Links

    Bearded Dragons
    Box Turtle Care & Conservation Web Page
    Crocodile Specialist Group
    East Texas Herpetological Society
    General Information About Snakes
    Herps of Texas
    Leopard Geckos
    Houston Herpetological Supply
    Kingsnake.comA great, all-round herpetological site
    Snakes of Texas
    Veiled Chameleon
    Venomous Snakes Distribution - World Health Organization data sheet

     Model Rocket Altitude Predictor    

School Financial Aid Links
    Financial Aid Information Page - Contains an online financial aid calculator
    College Savings Plan Network's Page - State college saving plans BUT use with caution!
    College Board - Scholarship and Grants for good students
    Office of Post secondary Education - Contains facts on every kind of federal student loan

Science Education Codes
    An Analysis of Laboratory Safety in Texas
    Texas Safety Standards for K-12
    Texas Science Facilities Standards

Science News
    Science Daily
    The National Academies - Advisors to the nation on science, engineering, and medicine

Science - Other Cool Sites
    Bizarre Stuff  -  Neat things to do, mom, guard your kitchen!
    Calculators on-line Center
    Energy & Science Projects from California Energy Commission
    Exploratorium - The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception
    Hypography Sci-tech - Current science news, images, issues, and links
    Institute for Solar Physics 
    Science - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
    Science News For Kids
    The Why Files
    Tumbling Toast
    Unsolved Math Problems

Search Engines
    Ixqick metesearch

    The Common Cold
    Emerging and Re-emerging Viruses: an Essay
    Infectious Diseases - His home page has a lot of useful links
    Plant Viruses Online
    Smallpox - A CDC web site
    The Big Picture Book of Viruses
    The Universal Virus Database
    Viruses - Boston University is building a nice page about viruses and other infectious diseases

    Fresh Water Ecology and Pollution
    Invertebrates of Cypress Creek Tell All - Next to one of my running trails, empties into Lake Houston
    North Beach Middle School Water Conservation
    Soil and Water Conservation Society
    Texas Stream Flow - Real time data
    Texas Waternet - sponsered by Texas A&M - Health and living well through water ....
    Water Science for Schools - a USGS site
    Watershed Education Resources on the Internet
Weather Links
    El Nino - The NOAA website
    Intellicast - San Antonio Radar
    Lightning Storm - view lightning strike map, up-dated every two hours
    National Hurricane Center - The NOAA website
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (NOAA)
    National Weather Service - Houston/Galveston, TX  Doppler Radar - The NOAA website
    Scott's Great Weather Page
    Sky Warn
    Space Weather
    Sam's Hurricane and Maritime Weather Page
    The Weather Channel
    Wind Map