Furrey's tips, tricks and techniques for
making good grades in your classes.
What is your motivation to make good grades? For college? For a job? For money? Establishing a routine of good study habits enhances those so important grades.  Colleges, universities, and some prospective employers want to see the grades. The better your grades, the better your chances to go to the college of your choice. Start planning for what needs to be done and by when to make good grades. Setup your priorities then use your planner or calendar to write down your activities and organize your time. Stick to the plan. Successful people in business organize work, allocate time for tasks, and keep appointments. It's all about time-management and focusing on the job, it's all about work ethic*. It is all about paying attention to details while looking at the big picture. Developing good work ethics will last you a life time. Do well, don't get stress out, and pencil into the schedule some time for sport, club, fun, and relaxation.
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"We will be the last one here so everyone has a chance to visit with us." This is the work ethic of the Texas A&M admissions officers at college night. If it were not for this, I would not have had the opportunity to chat with them.

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